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How to play VALORANT with tips and tricks

Shaun M Jooste


Valorant is a shooting game for Windows in which the characters use multiple weapons and even bombs to gain an advantage and kill opponents. The game is all about teamwork. You have to communicate appropriately. It’s a tactical game, and you must plan your steps, carry out strategies, and not just rush in if you want to win. The weapons are excellent, the gameplay exciting, and the storylines interesting.

Riot Games, a leader in the industry, developed the title. There is a learning curve involved in playing it by mastering how to play Valorant.

How to play VALORANT with tips and tricks

Getting started

Before you get going, you will have to download Valorant and launch it.  You do this on the official website, where you can download the installer. You will need 8GB of free space. You also need to create a Riot Games ID. On the official website, you click on Create Account to go to the sign-up page. You’ll have to enter your date of birth, email address and password and username to register before you can play. 

How to play VALORANT

How to play Valorant

Two teams of five players use characters called agents to fight each other in Valorant. To win a match, teams must win 13 short rounds. One team begins on attack and the other on defence. After 12 rounds, they change sides. The attackers must plant a spike, which is a bomb, in the defenders’ base. The defenders must stop them.

If the attackers manage to plant the spike, they must protect it for 45 seconds before it explodes. While they’re doing that, defenders can defuse it to prevent it from exploding. There is another way for a team to win the game by killing all the other team members. But they have to do this before the attackers have planted the spike. 


Valorant has 11 agents with different styles of play, weaknesses and strengths. They each have four abilities. One is very powerful and is called their ultimate. You buy some abilities using credits at the start of a round while others are free. Each team can choose agents to build a team with strategies in mind.

When you start playing, there are five free agents available to you: Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sage, and Sova. When you complete your player contract, you get two free vouchers for agents. For the rest, you’ll have to spend money or get experience points. There are four classes of agent who play different roles in the composition of a team. 


Initiators have special abilities that make them formidable in combat. Breach and Sova are initiators. Breach has extreme crowd control abilities. He can shoot a flashbang that can blind his enemies or create an earthquake that will stun them. This makes them disorganized and vulnerable for his teammates to easily kill. Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, is a weapon that can be fired from a long distance and wipe out everything it’s aimed at. Sova is a master archer and information gatherer. His owl drone can identify enemies at a distance.  KAY/O is a powerful warrior.


The duelists are by far the best fighters in Valorant. They are self-sufficient and highly skilled.  Phoenix is a duelist who uses flames from a flashbang that explodes on the ground and a wall of flame that can isolate enemies or kill them. Phoenix heals while standing in the flame.

Phoenix’s ultimate, Run it Back, allows him to take on an enemy. He’ll be’ resurrected’ healthy if he dies or time runs out, so he’s a formidable foe. Other duelists are Jett, who can boost jump and has a smoke grenade; Raze, an expert in explosives, Reyna a killer vampire; and Yoru, who knows where opponents are likely to be.


To play Valorant, you have to be able to attack and defend. Sage is a sentinel who can heal herself or her allies and build a wall to block attackers. She can produce orbs that slow down everyone moving through a field they create. She can delay the enemy by making a wall or shielding her while team members are planting a spike. Sage’s ultimate, Resurrection, can bring an ally back to life, a significant advantage. Cypher is a spy who gathers intelligence using a camera and tripwires. Kiljoy uses traps and mines to disarm opponents.


Controllers have abilities that can advance their team’s plans. Brimstone is a versatile controller. , He reads the map and controls the battlefield. He can use smoke and napalm grenades and a Stim Beacon that gives agents benefits like an increased firing rate Brimstone’ss ultimate, Orbital Strike, shows how balanced his abilities areas he can use it in different ways.

He can shield a site from being attacked or use it to attack defenders. Astra is a controller who uses smokes, stuns, and black holes. Omen can get behind enemy lines with teleports. Viper is a poisoner. 


Valorant features an extensive range of weapons for players to use. These include primary weapons that pack the most punch and secondary weapons, which are primarily sidearms. Valorant has 12 primary weapons: SMGs, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers and Heavy weapons. There are five sidearms in Valorant, one the pistol players get when they start. You have to buy some of the weapons, and the cost depends on how potent a weapon is. They all have specific capabilities. Getting to know them will give you an advantage in the game.

Spike Rush

Spike Rush is the second game mode available for Valorant. It’s a faster mode designed for when you don’t have a lot of time. The attacking side is given five spikes (one for each agent) to speed it up. Players get identical guns, so you don’t need to shop. There are powerups on the map that give you benefits like upgrading to a better gun or allowing you to run faster. 

How to play VALORANT

Valorant Tricks and tips

Here are a few tips to help you play Valorant.

Place your weapon’s crosshairs at head level

Players tend to place the cross-hairs to the ground or the sky and struggle to move it up in time to shoot when they see an enemy.

Move sideways, not back and forth

Once your enemy aims at you, they can’t miss while firing if you move back and forth. Use the A and D keys to move sideways to avoid being killed.

Try to use the same character

Valorant characters all have different abilities. Pay with all of them first until you find the one that suits you best and stick to that one as you’lll know how to use it best. 

Use the training grounds

If you go into the practice area of the game, enemies will spawn and you can shoot at them using any weapon. By using the training grounds, you can learn how to use the weapons really well.

Learn the Maps

There are five maps in Valorant that are randomly generated for each game you play. They are Haven, Bind, Ascent, Icebox, and Split. You can familiarize yourself with the maps on the training grounds. 

How to play VALORANT

Become a tactical legend

Valorant is an extremely popular game that has legions of fans worldwide. If you enjoy tactical games that involve a loss of shooting and strategizing, it could just be the one for you to try next. It will certainly challenge you and provide many hours of fun. You can use Valorant Mobile to play it on your phone.

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