Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Leri Koen


Valorant from Riot Games is an exciting tactical first-person shooter. In the game, five players form a team and battle it out against another team on one of five different maps. Fans of tactical first-person shooters like Counter-Strike, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. Valorant can be a challenging game to master but very rewarding when you do! So what tactics will ensure you’re prepared for any map?


In this article, we’ll share ten of the best tactics that you can use to improve your game on any map.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Use the Valorant practice range

Mastering your guns is key in this game. You need to understand the fire rate, recoil, and reload of each type of gun, and there is nowhere better to get used to this than the practice range. While Aim Lab is available for FPS, using the practice range is much more effective. You can also learn to perform headshots and multi-kills here, which rewards you with more currency when done in-game.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Change positions after kills

After making a shot, it’s recommended that you change position. After all, you may have killed an enemy, but in the process, you’ve given away your location, making it easier for the fallen enemy’s teammates to get a more precise shot on you. The only time you can keep your position is if you’re 100% certain the enemy was completely alone – which is exceedingly rare in Valorant. 

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Be unpredictable

Predictable players get taken out. As such, it’s essential to mix up your strategies. This also applies to all facets of gameplay, including the weapons you use. Some players tend to have a favorite weapon – and while that’s great, you should also know how to use other guns and actively play with them throughout the game to keep the enemies guessing. The same goes for your defensive strategies. For example, enemies will start evading detection by taking other routes if your team always defends the middle path.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Master various guns in Valorant

While having a favorite weapon is fine, you should take some time to master various weapons and use them throughout the game. When you start your match in Valorant, you start with pistols only, and you need to earn currency to buy other weapons. So even if you favor a shotgun or assault rifle, you need to master other guns as well to be a vital member of your team. Also, you earn currency through kill streaks, headshots, and overall performance in each round. You want to perform as well as you can, even with a least preferred weapon.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Master your abilities

Abilities are something that sets Valorant apart from other shooters. Your character will have three unique abilities they can use throughout the rounds. However, this is not an ability-driven game; players can’t win just by using these skills. However, mastering your abilities will give you a significant advantage, especially if you’ve also mastered shooting and various guns. Certain abilities are also better suited to specific maps. For example, Cypher has tripwire and spycam abilities which can be used in the Bind map to monitor teleporters.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Find and master your character early

While it’s good to be well practiced with different characters, make sure you pick one as your main character and learn everything you can about them, their abilities and more. Certain character types will do better in certain maps and teams. However, if you’ve mastered your character and know everything there is about them, you can use them effectively on any map or situation.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Stop before shooting in Valorant

Valorant is not a run-and-shoot style game. The game physics are much more realistic. As such, learning to transition easily from running to stopping and shooting is essential. You will quickly notice that your aim is greatly impaired if you try shooting while running. This is especially true with weapons like snipers or rifles that rely on precision aim. The sooner you’re able to make the transition from running to stopping, the more successful you’ll be.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Learn the location names of the maps

Valorant is a game that depends on the strategy. An important part of an effective strategy is good communication. You have to be able to tell your teammates where you are, what’s going on and more. To do this, you need to know the location names on the various maps. For example, your teammates won’t know where you are if you say you went down the left path.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Pay attention to your Valorant teammates

You have to be aware of your teammates and what they’re doing at all times. Again, this awareness is a critical component of a strong strategy. If your teammates are shift-walking to plant a spike, you don’t want to run past them as this will create noise alerting the enemies of your location.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

Pull out your knife while running

If you need to get to a location fast, you need to holster your weapon and run with your knife drawn. You run much faster while holding your knife, which allows you to get to certain areas much quicker. However, you still have to be aware of your surroundings and remember to draw your gun before reaching potential engagement points.

Top 10 tactics for any map on Valorant

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